Ningbo Junper Technology Co., Ltd., abbreviated as Junper, was founded in 1996. It is  located in Zhenhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningbo. Our enterprise is a professional company focusing on RF microwave connection and RF microwave testing and measurement technology. We dedicated to providing customers with high-quality RF microwave connectors, RF microwave cables and cable components, and RF microwave testing devices.  Our product is widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, communication, energy, and transportation.
Through unremitting efforts, Junper has accumulated strong technical capabilities in the field of radio frequency and microwave. The independently developed invention patents BMP and RBMA have been selected and promoted as global standards by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC, with standard numbers BMP (IEC61169-48) and RBMA (IEC61169-43).
Junper not only has advanced precision manufacturing resources, but also has the independent manufacturing capabilities from raw materials to finished products, as well as a complete set of environmental, mechanical, and optoelectronic detection experimental equipment. All these ensure the delivery of all products and the completion of routine tests.
Faced with the future opportunities and challenges, "Dedicated to customers, crafting exquisite products with craftsmanship" is always the core value of our company. We are committed to technological and customer-oriented development. And our vision is "To be a China's top and globally influential excellent enterprise in the field of RF and microwave"!

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