In November 2019, the high-frequency chip test system was successfully developed
In October 2019, the company won the preferred supplier of key customers
In November 2018, the company obtained the qualification of a qualified supplier of a research institute
The 20th anniversary of the company's establishment in November 2016
In November 2016, strategic transformation was carried out, focusing on high-end products from the low-end market to high-frequency, miniaturization and integration
In June 2016, the company moved to Zhenhai as a whole

Huacheng IPD R&D management system was officially introduced in September 2014
In September 2013, cooperated with Shenzhen Huacheng Company to improve the R&D management system
In September 2012, the business reform established four business divisions: Photoelectric Connection Business Division, Network Connection Business Division, Industrial Connection Business Division, and Overseas Market Business Division, and implemented the independent accounting system of business divisions
Won the title of "Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center" in September 2011
In September 2010, the company's new trademark was registered

In September 2009, a joint-stock enterprise "Ningbo Jipin Technology Co., Ltd." was established, with annual sales exceeding 120 million yuan
In July 2008, we deepened the management reform and implemented the product line management responsibility system
Won the title of "Zhejiang Famous Trademark" in September 2007
In September 2006, "Junper" was registered and a 2.92 millimeter wave standard implementation contract was signed

In September 2005, it was awarded the title of "high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province" and established a Sino-Italian joint venture (Ningbo Jike Company)
In September 2004, it was renamed "Ningbo Jipin Information Interconnection Industry Co., Ltd."
In September 2003, the workshop of Jiangdong Science and Technology Park was completed and relocated
In September 2002, the company's products fully entered the operator market
In September 2001, it purchased land and built a factory in Jiangdong Science and Technology Park

In September 2000, "Ningbo Jipin Information Technology Co., Ltd." was established and passed the ISO9002 quality system
In January 1999, "Marconi Digital Unit Module" was successfully developed
In September 1998, the company's trademark was registered
The first independently developed product P6032 was produced in September 1997
In November 1996, Ningbo Haishu Jipin Communication Connector Factory was officially established

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