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Electrical connection technology (300679. SZ): It has a good layout in the field of universal 5G RF connection, especially in the millimeter wave frequency band

Due to the slow technological iteration of industrial connectors, the market is mainly dominated by overseas connector manufacturers. The market competition pattern is more stable than that of consumer electronics and automobiles. The share of domestic industrial connector products is low and the competitive advantage is weak. With the development of industrial interconnection, AI technology and the massive application of high-end robots (300024) in the future, the trend of intelligence is becoming higher and higher, and the scene of high-frequency high-speed connection is gradually increasing. The company has a good layout in the field of universal 5G RF connection, especially in the millimeter wave frequency band. In the future of universal 5G era, the trend of high frequency and high speed connection in the field of industrial control will accelerate, which also makes the company have a better competitive advantage in this field in the future, which is conducive to the increase of the share of domestic industrial control high frequency and high speed connectors in the future.

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Connector industry analysis report: both quantity and price are rising, and domestic substitution opportunities are promising

1. The connector is the basic element that constitutes the system connection, and the downstream application field is wide

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R191419000 RF connector/coaxial connector

R191419000 RF connectors are recognized as experts in military and civilian rectangular rack and panel connectors, providing the most comprehensive Arinc 600 (NSX), Arinc 404/AS-81659 (DSX) and MIL-DTL-83527 (MPX) connector series, including high-speed, cost-effective and RoHS solutions. Today, equipment manufacturers are looking for more cost-effective and maintainable solutions, such as Line Replaceable Modules (LRM). Therefore, with EPX ™ Series features a new generation of rack and panel connectors. EPX ™ The rack and panel connectors have modular, lightweight, and high-density enclosures that can be used for independent PCB architectures. In order to meet the specific requirements of equipment manufacturers, R191419000 RF connector also developed a solution for front release front removable (FR/FR) contacts to facilitate installation and maintenance: DSX-F and DSX-K sockets. They can be fully compatible with ARINC 404 B and SAE AS81659 plugs, and have the same characteristics as SAE AS81659 connectors.

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Figure 1 Identification of reverse polarity RF connector

The reverse polarity RF coaxial connector is a variant of the standard RF coaxial connector, which is not compatible with the standard SMA connector, thus preventing consumers from connecting non-standard antennas to wireless devices. "Reverse polarity" refers to the reversal of the polarity of the connector interface, that is, the setting of the pin/socket of the inner conductor is completely opposite to that of the standard connector, but has nothing to do with the signal polarity.

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Investor's question: As one of the domestic professional RF connection system suppliers, the company started from RF connectors

As one of the domestic professional suppliers of RF connection systems, the company started from RF connectors and gradually extended to the product fields of RF passive components, optical connections and communication antennas. The company has expanded its business scope from communication infrastructure connection to Internet application connection, established two business segments of communication intelligent manufacturing and Internet information service, and entered a high-speed development channel driven by two wheels. I would like to ask if the company's products have been applied to satellite navigation or satellite communications. Space-based Internet and other fields?

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Investment planning and prospect forecast report of China's connector industry in 2023-2028

Connector refers to the components that connect devices to realize the flow of current or signal between different devices. It is an indispensable part of electronic circuits. The connector body is composed of plastic body, terminal and shell. As the channel of current and signal transmission in the circuit, connectors are widely used in various fields such as automobile, communication and data transmission, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, military aviation and so on.

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